Meatless Monday: Peach Parfait

Peach Parfait - made with Georgia Peaches. Image by: Kristin Nicole

Meatless Monday: Peach Parfait On my road trip to Georgia, you know I had to stop by a farmers market and pick up some real Georgia Peaches before I left. And while it was raining here at home and I was making granola, I decided to make a delicious peach parfait. I was talking to my mom the other day about peaches, and I asked her if … [Read More]

How to make Granola. Image by: Kristin Nicole

How to make Granola

How to make Granola Homemade – Check. Easy – Check. Less than 30 minutes – Check. What I love about homemade granola is that you know exactly what goes into it. You can add or omit whatever you want. I’ve already made two different types of granola and I love it. Check out how to… 

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Cherry Strawberry Smoothie. Image by: Kristin Nicole

Cherry Strawberry Smoothie

Summer is the season of fruits and I love to make different smoothies right after a great work out. Today I decided to make a Cherry Strawberry Smoothie. I made my smoothie with Rainier Cherries. They are in season and I actually found them in Trader Joe’s (a new grocery store that came from the… 

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Restaurant/Food Review: Wasabi Sushi and Thai. Image by: Kristin Nicole

Restaurant Food Review: Wasabi Sushi and Thai – Georgia

Restaurant Food Review: Wasabi Sushi and Thai If you already read about my Georgia Road Trip, then you know that we went to Georgia to surprise my cousin for his National Guard graduation. We surprised him at Wasabi Sushi and Thai restaurant. I don’t know what I was more excited about, the fact I was surprising my… 

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Fife and Drum. National Infantry Museum. Image by: Kristin Nicole

Restaurant Food Review: Fife and Drum

Restaurant Food Review: Fife and Drum As you know I was in Georgia for my baby cousins graduation to the National Guard. After his graduation we went to the National Infantry Museum. We were hungry so we decided to eat at the restaurant that is inside the museum called Fife and Drum. I’m not going to… 

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Georgia Peaches - Road Trip. Image by: Kristin Nicole

Georgia Peaches – Road Trip

Georgia Peaches – Road Trip We didn’t just go to Georgia for it’s peaches, but we definitely had to stop before leaving to get some of those delicious home grown peaches. We went to Georgia for my baby cousin Danny’s graduation from the National Guard. We are all so proud of him, and so happy… 

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