Lukas Antonio Birth Story

Lukas's Birth Story - 1 month old - Photo by: Kristin Nicole

The last couple of months I have taken time off from my blog. I was pregnant and working full time and things became really busy and hard to manage. I truly respect those who are able to juggle multiple things and continue their food blogs, because I honestly became overwhelmed and it started to take a toll on me and the passion I had for this … [Read More]

Veggie Frittata. Image by: Kristin Nicole

Meatless Monday: Veggie Frittata

Meatless Monday: Veggie Frittata – An Italian dish similar to an omelette or crustless quiche. This dish is much easier than a quiche and just as scrumptious. I love making frittata’s you can add anything to this baby, it’s like the egg is having  a party and you can invite anyone you want. In today’s frittata… 

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Image by: Kristin Nicole

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have always loved oatmeal cookies but I am not a big fan of raisons, so every time I eat them I pick out the raisons. I was craving oatmeal cookies the other day and I decided I was going to experiment and make mine with chocolate chips. Who doesn’t love chocolate with… well with… 

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It's important to pick your top spices in your cabinet because this is your base to most of your dishes. Image by: Kristin Nicole

5 Top Ingredients for your Kitchen

I am sharing my secret with you. In every kitchen you need certain spices in your cabinets. These are the basis to most of my meals and I couldn’t live without them. Most of these ingredients I grew up with, it’s the way we cooked in my house. I grew up in a Puerto Rican/Cuban… 

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Chicken Santa Fe Salad. Image by: Kristin Nicole

Chicken Santa Fe Salad

If you have left over chicken then you can make this easy Chicken Santa Fe Salad. I love left overs because sometimes you can invent an entirely different meal with a meal that was already created. In this case I wanted something light and refreshing so I decided to make a salad with the chicken… 

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Mango Salsa. Image by: Kristin Nicole

Mango Salsa

Mango Salsa You’re seven years old, looking up into the Miami blue skies and waiting for your neighbor’s tree to bloom. Was it summer yet? Were the mangos ready? It was excitement and a feeling only a child knows when something so simple makes them so happy. It’s how I felt every summer when my… 

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