Restaurant/Food Review: Room 112

Charlotte, North Carolina. Image by: Kristin Nicole with iPhone 4

After South Carolina we were ready to move a little further north and we weren't quit sure where to stop. We looked at the map and decided on Charlotte, North Carolina. Honestly it's nice but there wasn't as much to do and it wasn't as historic as our first two stops. We made hotel reservations so we had to make the best of it. Our first foodie … [Read More]

Charleston, SC. Image by: Kristin Nicole

Restaurant/Food Review: Southend Brewery & Smokehouse

After a great time in Savannah, Georgia our next stop on our road trip honeymoon was Charleston, South Carolina. When we got to South Carolina we couldn’t find a hotel, the city was packed. Apparently March is their peak season. We got lucky though, we ended up finding a cute bed  and breakfast inn called the… 

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The Olde Pink House. Savannah, GA Image by: Kristin Nicole

Restaurant/Food Review: The Olde Pink House

Savannah is filled with character and charm. Every corner has a restaurant but this one stood out. The place: The Olde Pink House, the building is actually pink. Plus we heard a lot of people rave about it and of course we had to try it. On our fabulous road trip we knew we had… 

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Honeymoon Road Trip to Savannah, Georgia. Image by: Kristin Nicole

Restaurant/Food Review: Vinnie Van Go-Go’s Savannah, GA

Restaurant/Food Review Vinnie Van Go Go’s: Walking down City Market in Savannah was relaxing and we enjoyed every minute of it. The cool air in my hair. Looking cute in my jacket, boots and scarf. I was in heaven. I live in Miami, so we don’t get to bring out the boots and scarfs much…. 

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Vic's on River building is from 1858. Image by: Kristin Nicole with iPhone 4

Vic’s on the River – Savannah, GA

Oh Savannah how I miss you so. If only we got to spend more time together. If only I could have tried more of the food you had to offer because honestly Vic’s on the river was absolutely amazing. The building is from the 1800′s – 1858 to be exact. One of the many reasons… 

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Beautiful Savannah. Image by: Kristin Nicole

Belford’s Savannah Seafood and Steak

The first stop on our honeymoon was Savannah, Georgia. It’s absolutely beautiful with all it’s squares and history. I fell in love and like with most cities we visit and fall in love with we want to move there. If you know Tony and I, you know most likely we won’t move there but in… 

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